Need hlp w/ very old IBM Intel 90

i have quite the delema here. my buddies system (a pos ibm intel 90 w/510mb hd and "surepath" bios)was crashing. he had win 95 so i figured id wipe it out, add a 2gb hard drive and install 9se. well, i added the new drive and the bios doesnt detect it, i tried as master and cable select, soooo i put the old 510mb back in and did the fdisk and format and tried to run the install from the cd to savspace. everything went fine until the end where 98 sets up plug and play devices. BSOD!! A Fatal Exception OE has occured at 0167:BFF9DFFF. then i hit "any key" and got Msgsrv32 caused a segment not present fault in module Setupx.dll. i tried 3 different 98 cd's. the system is an IBM Personal Computer 750-P90. has anyone had this problem? what kind of bios is "surepath"? is there any way to get bios to see larger (2.0 Seagate) drive? sorry 'bout posting in this forum, but it is pretty important i resolve this.

Jesus saves..... and Lemieux scores on the rebound!!!!!
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  1. Whoaa, an old socket-5.
    The reason why it cant detect the 2gb disk might be due to the 640mb limit there was at that time.
    Surepath Bios is the old Ibm bios.
    What was the cause of error before installing w98/2gb hd?
  2. well... the problem before was really just "random crashes" as far as i could tell. the system didnt see the 2gb drive at all... like it wasnt even there. he was down to 40mb space and after i was unsuccessful installng the 2gb drive, put his old one back and wiped it out. i forgot to add in my previous post an error i got one of the times i tried to install.... Device installer error, setup cannot load the installer(sysclass.dll) for the system hardware being installed. is there any way to get this done? i'm screwed if i cant get something running for him.

    Jesus saves..... and Lemieux scores on the rebound!!!!!
  3. Try Windows 95 or a faster processor. I tried 98 on an old system like that and the processor couldn't handle the load. I used seagate's free partitioning software to put an 2GB hard drive on it, that seemed to work well. I don't think windows 98 likes less than 64MB either, I tried it on a 32MB system and didn't have enough memory to open programs without caching them to the hard drive.
  4. At first when I read "IBM 90" I thought you were talking about the Model 90 PS/2 (LOL!). Without the correct Setup disk for one of those you are dead.

    Now that I see you were talking about a Pentium-90 system there is hope.

    Your system might not be detecting the hard drive because of a bad CMOS battery. However, if the real-time clock is keeping the correct date and time then that's probably not it.

    If the computer supports EIDE (now called ATA/33) then you need to find the option in the BIOS for large drives. The option should mention "Large", "LBA" or "ECHS". They are all translation methods for getting past the basic BIOS' limitation of 1024 cylinders on a hard drive. LBA is the best choice if available. Sometimes you have to set the drive parameters manually but often you can just set the drive type to "1" or "Auto" and the controller will do the rest.

    Msgsrv32 caused a segment not present fault in module Setupx.dll.I've only seen this once. In my case, it was during a re-install of the Windows 98SE, upgrade version, not a clean install. My system wouldn't boot normally, halting with that error message. I was able to get into Safe Mode and from there I used Windows' System File Checker which detected that Setupx.dll was corrupt. I restored it from the Windows CAB files (which I always copy onto the hard drive) and everything was working.

    You probably can't copy all the CAB files to that 540MB hard drive and your CD-ROM won't be accessible in Safe Mode so you might try copying Setupx.dll from another computer. (Note: Updating DirectX changes this file and System File Checker incorrectly detects the changed file as corrupt).

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  5. the clock is ok, so the battery isnt an issue... the problem is that this bios doesnt even have options for lba, user define etc....just "optimize" and "compatible". this thing is very old.. bios reads 1994 i think. im trying to hunt down a full version of win95 now. i have a win95 folder saved on a disk with 98, 98se etc, and the install went fine, but now when i try to install his nic card, i get prompted for the 95disk and the .dll's.... doooooh, what a pain. thats what ya get for trying to be a nice guy i guess.... lol. would still like to find a way to get that 2gb drive to work...

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  6. Does that machine have a PCI bus? Promise had a line of EIDE controller cards for older machines but I don't know if they are being manufactured any longer (don't see them on their website). Their new cards require a 66mhz PCI bus but I think the early PCI bus was only 33mhz (and different voltages). I don't recall the name of that old PCI controller card. I know you can still find the EIDEMax, a 16-bit, ISA card which would work (if you a desperate). I used one to install a 6.5 GB hard drive in a 486 system. The EIDEMax can go upto 8.4GB and is ATA/33. Works on PCs that don't normally support large drives.

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  7. Quote:
    im trying to hunt down a full version of win95

    Well, i have it and zipped it (91mb) but dunno where to upload it, my host doesnt allow such big files. You have an idea?
    (yeah yeah, piracy, but who cares!!!)

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  8. hhmmm.... the only thing i can think of is morpheus. just put it in your shared folder and let me know your screen name. i appreciate your help.

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  9. Hmmm, sure, one moment "moves pron to another folder :O)"

    Screenname: mindbusterr@MusicCity

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  10. excellent!! thats mindbusterr?? two r's? is there product key i will need? i will download it later tonight...

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  11. Two r's. But remember, late night for you is early morning for me, so it's possible my puter is shut down at that time, but keep trying, it's on most of the time.

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  12. ok, well i'll try not to wake you.. lol. is there a way to search by screen name? i cant seem to locate the file.... and there is no prod key needed?

    Jesus saves..... and Lemieux scores on the rebound!!!!!
  13. hmmm, renamed it to Try searching for windows95tdean or just No keycode.
    Maybe trying disconnecting and then connect again, 'cause maybe you are being connected to another server than i am.
    Another thing, if it's only the dll/vxd's you need, it would be easy for me just extracting them and then zip&upload to the web?

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