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My computer will not start up anymore since I have changed the (AMI) BIOS settings in an attempt to speed it up (using guidelines from Toms hardware page).

Now obviously I want the BIOS to be reset. I don’t know if this is a flash eprom. The label on the BIOS chip says 686 AMIBIOS (c)1995 American Megatrends CN 90109. It is placed in a socket and when removed you can see another chip underneath. There is also a Lithium battery placed near it, which I have removed for a minute, trying to erase the CMOS but that didn’t help.

Of course resetting the BIOS would be a lot easier if I could identify the motherboard, but I have no documentation and there seems to be no manufacturers name on it. It must be a board from 1995 or 96, containing 1xAGP,3xPCI,2xISA slots, a Celeron 300A processor, onboard sound (there is a chip saying Sound Pro HT 1869V+ E1U18 9816 PCI) and 3 DIMM slots.

Can anybody help me restore the BIOS settings and/or identify the motherboard so I can get the computer to work again?

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  1. The board should have a jumper labeled "cmos" but if you can't find it the try removing the batery AND disconnecting the power for a minute or two.
  2. Thanks a bunch. There is no jumper for the cmos..I already tried that route. Haven't done the battery thing though although power was disconnected for awhile each time I re-did this thing. Actually, I could find NO way to clear/reset the CMOS thing. Removing the battery I supposed it safe?
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