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Hey I was looking to upgrade my computer's video card to a


as well as upgrading my power supply

I was wondering if someone could recommend me a power supply to support it.

My current specs are:

CPU: AMD Phenom II X6 1045T


Video Card: ASUS EAH5450 Series

I'm not good with computers so any help is apperciated
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  1. Check for Corsair CX600 or equivalent Antec
    you can probably also step down to 500W
  2. Oh okay thank you, so this is what i'm looking for?

  3. yup, just double check that model will work for your case. cheers
  4. This is just a question. If he steps down to a lower PSU now and wants to up grade a lot more in his rig. Shouldn't he now buy a bigger PSU to cover his up grades for the future? This is just a question for my own curiosity.
  5. well, yes and no. if your rig only needs 400W putting 1000W psu in is kind of a waste (even though it's not working as hard the turn down efficiency is questionable). plus some voltage regulators have trouble dealing with such huge PSU, you're more likely to see heavier noise values and have worse results when you try to OC anything.

    I'd say if you plan to upgrade to a point where you need 1kW psu (and as you point out you want to go big ahead of time), make sure the mobo is made to handle that kind of power.
  6. Thank you that is very helpful
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