440LX/EX chipset - what memory?

I'm looking to add some more memory to my system but I've been told that high density SDRAM won't work with my chipset. A friend of mine allowed me to borrow a couple of sticks, 1 64MB and 1 128MB, to test. They only register in SiSoft Sandra as 32MB of memory.

Could anyone please give me some words of wisdom concerning my situation? Perhaps suggest a particular type of RAM I should be looking for or wheather there is a work-around to make the RAM I have to be read at it's full capacity?

(extra info) Sandra says I can use up to 756MB total RAM. Also says I can use the following types of RAM, EDO, ECC, DIMM, BEDO, SDRAM. The current stick I have in slot 1 is a "128MB DIMM SDRAM single bank"
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  1. I just upgraded someone's Hewlett Packard 8250 with a stick of PC100 SDRAM without any problems. The system board in there was using the 440LX chipset.
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    Anyone else have any thoughts?
  3. Here's a little cut/paste job from <A HREF="http://www.oempcworld.bigstep.com/faq.html" target="_new">this memory site</A>. I know it's long but I figured it would save you the hassle of reading through all the other crap on the page.

    The memory I purchased only registers half of what I expected, (only sees 16 of 32MB or 32 of 64MB) did I receive the wrong modules?
    This situation usually occurs with the purchase of 4K high density modules and is due to the nature of the 4K refresh. The system you are installing them in is unable to read all 12 row bits and drops the last row of memory register, see RAM- Techincal Perspective on 2K vs 4K for detailed explanation. The solution is to use the low density 2K refresh in almost all cases.

    What is the difference with 32x4 or 64x4 vs other parts?
    Modules made using 32x4 or 64x4 DRAM will only work with certain chipsets, those are the memory controllers on your motherboard.

    They will work with the following chipsets
    SIS Chipset 630/630E/630S
    Via Chipsets Apollo Pro 133/A/T 693/693A
    Via Chipsets Apollo KX133
    Via Chipsets Apollo KT133/A
    AMD Chipset 751 Iron Gate

    They will not work with Intel 440LX/BX/GX chipsets or any other Intel memory controller. It does not mean that they won't work with Intel CPU's, just motherboards that use the non Intel chipsets listed above, such as Tyan, Asustek, etc.

    There is no performance difference between the two, just a cost difference.

    "Standard" parts use 16x8 or 32x8 type DRAM and they will work in all systems.

    Hope this helps.

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