Battlefield 3 in Q6600 & HD4850

Hi all

I have the sluttering and poor sound issue with Battlefield 3.
My specs are
Q6600 @2.4 GHZ
HD 4850
1 TB HD.

Is my Graphics card the bottleneck for the sluttering issue. I get the sluttering after every 10 or 12 secs. but in between everything is smooth.
Please suggest and help me to play smoothly.

Thanks and much appreciated for any inputs

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  1. turn off all the fancey settings. and run at minimum. see if the stutter continues. if it stops increase the settings 1 at a time till it starts again...
    if it doesnt stop then try adding 200mhz to your cpu via an oc. its unlikley to stop it but it will let ou know if it is a bottleneck and not just a driver issue... you have updated to the latest ati 11.10.3/latest gfx driver .
  2. Thanks for the reply HEXT, Not much of a techie, so not much idea on how to overclock, and my gig is not having any cooling.
    regarding drivers, i have updated, now going to test if it will work in low.
  3. VVG007 said:
    and my gig is not having any cooling.

    What do you mean by that? can you use evga precision or msi afterburner to track gpu temps in the background whilst gaming? And use something to track CPU temps, speedfan graphs?
  4. sorry for the late reply, had my net disconnected and i was out of station. I noticed i face the same problem of lag with all my games installed so far. I have raised a new topic to check this.
    thanks for all your valuable replies.
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