copying damaged files from CD/DVD?

Is there a rugged copy program that can copy a partially corrupted file (*.mpg) from a CD/DVD onto your H/D? What happens is that when the normal windows copy operation encounters that portion of the DVD that is faulty, it tries over and over again (endlessly, it seems) and then just hangs and I have to reboot, forcing that irritating wait for it to scan the C and D drives on reboot. This occurs with any program I try that attempts to read the entire file from the DVD, such as PowerDVD, windows explorer copy,
Media Player, windvd, dos copy, etc. I assume it is because a cluster with a faulty cyclic check is encountered, and the windows read operation can't just accept the data anyway and proceed, but, instead, keeps on trying to reread and getting the same cyclic error over and over again. What I need is a read option that "accepts" the error, transfers the bad cluster as it came across (errors and all), and then continues until it reaches end of data. I get this when some of my home-recorded mpg movies hang up somewhere in the middle, but, if I know in advance and skip over the bad part, the remainder of the movie plays just fine. I need a program that will ignore the cyclic error and just go on. I know we had this back when I did mainframe programming (the ACCEPT option), so I wonder if there is any windows program that does the same for mpeg files on CD's or DVD"s. Thanks, littleberry
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  1. media might be corrupt and not able to read period.

    CDs and DVDs have a shelf life of 7 to 10 years with a 25% failure rate (burned CDs) and around 2-4 years if you write on them with a permanent pen, ranging from 25-75% failure to read.

    I have the same problem with a CD I recently got.. I can't copy a file because something somewhere is corrupt. Normally I try to burn the CD to another CD just to see if that'll go, but it didn't work this round. Other than that, I'm out of options. I even tried an Xcopy with the /G/C commands (I think those were the commands) and it still hung on me.
  2. Same here, Riser. I remember a couple of years ago I got this freeware DOS program that would copy one H/D to another (of exactly the same model, cylinders, tracks, etc.), and it did it without any cyclic checking - it just copied cluster to cluster - it took quite a while but surely there must be some program like that to take corrrupted CD/DVD disks and transfer them to a H/D - Then you can deal with the corrupted data without the cyclic checks hanging up the system. It would mean that some parts of the movie would be unviewable, but, you could still see most of it. There just HAS to ba a rugged copy program somewhere out there - I just don't have the time nor the skill to write such a program myself. Maybe someone who knows of a program like that will reply to this post. Hoping, littleberry
  3. That can be done with hard drives.. optical storage I don't think it can.. at laest it can skip over on a HD.. CDs/DVDs are a lot more sensitive. I gave up on mine and figure I'll just have a replacement sent from the company..

    but in your case, you're not so lucky..
  4. you could try dvd xcopy repair.

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  5. Bad Copy Pro.

    Don't have a link at the moment, but just Google it and you should be able to find it easily. It recovers files from all sorts of damaged media.

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  6. Is it free?

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  7. VDub can mark bad sections of .avi files so they arn't played I believe.

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  8. i ran into the cyclic redundacy error just yesterday and tried something different this time,

    <A HREF="" target="_new">dvd decrypter</A>

    ripped the movie of the dvd and burned it to another dvd.

    it gave me an error in the middle that the sector(?) could not be read, and gave me three combo buttons, abort, retry, ignore.

    i clicked retry and it ran successfully thru the program and i reburned it and my movie plays nicely now :wink:

    maybe you can try this technique.

    good luck

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  9. Try <A HREF="" target="_new">IsoBuster</A>. It is a gem.

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