[PS3] Not so great picture quality

To start I have a 24" lcd (lg w2453v) that looks great for pc and even the PS3 XMB, but for some reason when I go into mw3 it just looks really crappy (like its in standard definition).

Stuff I tried:

Reset ps3
Screw with my lcd settings (nothing helped)

Thanks in advance
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  1. Not sure, but it might just be that way. Check this out, and that's on a PC where graphics should be even better than a console.

  2. My 40" lcd tv (1080p) looks just fine, so this is something different. I am pretty sure its switching to 720p or maybe even 480p, everything looks muddy and gritty =/
  3. Hrmmm... have you tried going into the PS3 settings and and set it to 1080p instead of the auto setting? Maybe there is a handshake problem when it's auto negotiaing the rsolutions it can display.

    Other than that, I can't think of why it would do that.
  4. Yup I have tried switching it to just 1080p (I cant untick 480p however) and that didn't help. The LG rep I talked to didn't have a solution either, I guess there's nothing I can do
  5. This relates to the PC version, but I'm sure it could effect the consoles too.

    Modern Warfare 3 has the bad luck of shipping next to Battlefield 3, a game that shows off a brand-new engine to great effect, especially on high-end PCs. In contrast, Modern Warfare 3 runs on Infinity Ward's proprietary engine, and that beast began its life as a heavily modified version of the Quake 3 engine. It has been improved and modified since its debut in Modern Warfare 2, but it's still old technology. Those behind the game get a little sensitive when you criticize the use of the older tech.

  6. I'm sure it does effect the consoles, however it doesn't explain the drop in quality (keep in my mind my 40" tv displays mw3 in 1080p just fine) It has to be a problem between my LCD and ps3
  7. I can't remember if the PS3 has component connections, but component can carry HD signals. If you have the necessary cables, try that instead of HDMI and see if it looks better. Maybe the HDMI port on the PS3 is wonky.
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