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Athlon XP mobo advice?

Last response: in Motherboards
November 2, 2001 12:48:34 AM

Okay, I'm fairly certain my next upgrade will be to an Athlon XP, probably the 1600+ model. I don't have much time to do extensive research at the moment, so basically, what do you all think the best motherboard would be?

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November 2, 2001 12:52:35 AM

Hey B,
When do you need this system/mobo by?
Peace Out............tile

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November 2, 2001 12:57:40 AM

I don't know, I'm thinking of upgrading within the next 3 or 4 weeks. No rush.
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November 2, 2001 2:47:41 AM

i you like to try new, untested things, choose a nforce mobo. the msi on looks great, model MSI K7N420 Pro.
i'll go for it as soon as i've finished with the little duallie
November 2, 2001 2:55:17 AM

I was wondering about the nForce. NVidia are a good company, but this is their first attempt at a motherboard, so I don't know... What's the price of one of these as against, say, a KT266A mb?
November 2, 2001 4:36:56 AM

I've had great experience with Abit boards. They have a new one coming out, I think the KR7? It's on the kt266a chipset, might be fun :) 
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November 2, 2001 1:35:19 PM

I am VERY happy with my Asus a7m266, although I readily admit that there are cheaper and faster mobos out there. Note that the onboard sound on this one is not too bad.

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November 2, 2001 4:00:37 PM

Wait for Asus'new motherboard with the VIA Technologies KT266A Chipset. Asus' model numbers are the A7V266-E and the A7V266-M. <A HREF="" target="_new"> Motherboard Development - VIA Tech jp </A>

KT266A Chipset is currently the best performer.

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November 2, 2001 7:45:16 PM

Hey B,
It is in your best interest to keep waiting then. In this 3 to 4 weeks retailers should have the new ASUS(w/ Via KT266A) and NForce mobos in stock, and hopefully some good reviews on the production mobos(not pre-production mules). If I were you, I would keep a open mind, buy everything at the same time, and don't look back. This way later, when people ask you why you got that, you can honestly say: I thought I made the best decision with the information that I had at that time. Don't worry after you buy anything, they will always be faster, more reliable and cheaper products in the future. Good Luck.
Peace Out.............tile
P.S. For kicks, I just got a EPoX 8KHA+(KT266A), Athlon XP 1700+, 2x 256mb OCZ PC2400 DDR, Gainward GeForce3 Ti 200, and I am building it right now.

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