Can i take a image file of a ps3 cd into my pc?

hey, can anyone tell me to make a image file of an ps3 cd. i have a ps3 emulator and want the image file of God of War 3...... please......... HELP ME......
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  1. I'm guessing GoW 3 will be on a DVD instead of a CD...?

    Anyhow, shouldn't be too much of a problem with software like Nero.

    I'm not encouraging you to break platforms for two reasons though:

    1. It may very well be illegal (in fact, I think it actually is, EULA's aren't very forgiving for this sort of thing)

    2. It's going to suck. The game is PS3 optimized, won't support any kind of noteworthy resolution and won't have any kind of decent support.
  2. Play your PS 3 games on your PS3.

    It will run better on PS3 even if your computer is monstrously fast and also you wouldn't be doing anything illegal.
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