Idiocy in a time of local budget restraints

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  1. Fools do some critical thinking.

    The police need charges before they can claim benefits or get insurance money.

    When the suspect kills himself its not like the assault on officers didn't happen.
  2. Remember, some want enemy combatants to be charged as well.

    We obviously need more lawyers
  3. Considering section 8 of the constitution gives congress the power to declare war and considering congress never voted on whether or not to initiate a war.....

    A lot of human rights activists want charges brought up on enemy combatants otherwise its an illegal invasion.

    But no one wants to talk about that.
  4. That was really one of the problems with the Iraq war. We tried to do it on the cheap. Worked really well, didn't it.

    Although (or perhaps because of) I am retired US Army, I was never in favor of the invasion of Iraq.

    But if we are going to, "Go big, or stay home".
  5. Notify the church to tell the pope to contact god so that man's spirit can be put in limbo instead of going to heaven, until the sentence hand down by the court is served.
  6. lol ^ good one
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