Another K7S5A Proposal

How does this system look? (I'm especially askin HonestJhon since he just built one based on this mobo)

ECS K7S5A - $57
Athlon TBird 1GHz 266FSB - $68
ATI Radeon LE 32MB DDR - $67
SB Live 5.1 - $32
3Com 3C905B - $33
IBM 60GXP Deskstar 20GB - $76
Mitsumi FDD - $9
Sony 52x CD-Rom - $28

Crucial 128MB DDR PC2100 - $16.19

ThermalTake Volcano 6Cu - $19.95


All the components, except the RAM and cooler are from Is that a good place to get them from? Plus, when installing Win98, do you have to install any drivers other than the ones for graphics and sound?


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  1. Looks fine, I would definatly go with 256 meg DDR and not 128 though, 256 is what I consider to be the bare minimum. also I suggest the 1.2 gig over the 1 gig t-bird. My system:( one of 5)

    ECS K7S5A
    Gforce2 pro ( gainward golden sample)
    Aureal SQ2500 ( works great in this chipset)
    3com 3c905b
    2x Maxtor 40 gig ( 7200 ) raid 0
    promise Ultra with resistor mod
    Kenwood 72x
    Lite-on 20 x 12 x 40 burner
    globalwin Cak 38

    Waiting on my athlon XP 1800

    May I ask what power supply you plan on using? This board is a bit finicky in those regards.

    Video editing?? Ha, I don't even own a camera!
  2. Not bad, except like what Ncogneto said, get 256MB DDR RAM. Also I would suggest getting a slightly larger hard drive because today's apps are so large that you may find yourself running out of hard disk space very quickly.

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  3. Get 256m RAM, and is a very good place to get them from. I can vouch for their service and prices and fresh merchandise.
    Good Luck, Take-Out

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  4. Thanks for taking the time to check it over.

    This computer's for my friend, and not me. I suggested 256MB (better more than less), and he opted for 128MB. So, oh well.

    Hopefully, he'll get it...cuz I love building! :smile:

    Don't pay any attention to my chickenscratch. :eek:
  5. before you get into this I'd suggest taking a look at all the issues with this board and instability with Athlon's over 1000mhz. Check out

    mrathlon has done some great work collating problems and solutions for this board
  6. thats a bit of an over generalization to be exact it would appear that some boards do have a problem when using 1.4 gig t-birds and occasionally 1.3 gig birds. However no problems at all with the xp's. None the less it was an amazing piece of work as you say. Anyone expeirancing problems with this board should give it a good read. and just to make it clickable<A HREF="" target="_new"></A>

    Video editing?? Ha, I don't even own a camera!
  7. Regarding the HSF, I'd go for a slower 80mm fan for quiet operation instead of 60mm ones.
  8. hey...sorry it took so long to respond, but i was away from my computer for a while...
    as far as i can tell, you should have no problem with that setup...and the extra 128 megs of ram would sure help...
    and it isnt much more..
    i have ONE problem that i cant seem to alieveate with this board...and it seems to be just a nuisance...
    when i delete a large over 500 megs or so...the explorer stops refreshing the desktop...and to solve it, i log off, and log back on...and all is well, and the file is gone...
    i ran memtest, and there was no errors, and i am using cheezy ram, and you are using crucial, which should be better..
    the only bsod i get is when i put in my smashing pumpkins adore cd, and play the track that got messed up...long story short, there is a bit of brown paint on the surface, taht i can not for the life of me, get off of it...
    when it hits that track, windows media player looks like it is playing, but there is no sound for a couple of seconds, and then bam, bsod...but it isnt really a bsod, because i dont have to restart...i just push enter, and windows media player has to biggie..and i can reproduce it any time, so i am sure that it is the cd...not the computer..
    and as for the volcano 6cu, make sure that he gets the cu, not the cu+, because the noise/cooling benefit is not that great..and the noise is almost too much to deal with! cu cools really well...
    i hope that it goes together as flawlessly as mine did, and that it is as stable..
    what you might want to do is run memtest and see if it gives you any errors before using it heavily...and if it does, take it back and get a different one...because there are a few bad k7s5a's circulating out there...kinda sucks, but hey, the board is good when it is a good one...
    good luck, and let us know how it goes!


    -Live, Learn, then build your own computer!-
  9. That's awesome. Thanks for that input. Where would I get Memtest? I think I'm gonna coax him to get 256MB. I mean, it is pretty cheap. All I gotta do now is wait until he says he'll order it...

    Don't pay any attention to my chickenscratch. :eek:
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