What if FreeSpace 2 was Remastered?

I was getting all nostalgic...was wondering, if Volition released FS2 again, this time with FS1 and 2 in the same package...DX10/11...same story, maybe a few more missions (SOC ones)...same old campaign but just with an updated engine, more detailed ship models, proper destruction (capital ships get scarred from beam fire, etc), lighting, improved sense of scale, sexier lasers, etc...improved multiplayer, but in essence the sae...with its coop campaign and the other regular multiplayer missions...throw in voip...and SQUAD WAR!!!...was a great concept...would you consider it worth buying? Along with an updated FRED 2 and whatever they're using to make ship models? Plus FreeSpace Tools and things?

They could even add atmospheric battles...idk, just revamp it, launch it. Up the eye candy, i couldn't possibly ask more from the story and game play. it got me addicted, damn it. Played the campaign three times on my own, and once with dad when i was 7 and too scared of the Shivans :lol:

And imagine, it still works with 32-bit windows 7. Disable anti-aliasing and you're set (caused issues for me). It even appears to have vsync on by default...

Keep it at around $30 for the retail copy and maybe $20 for the digital distro, launch it on steam and origin (i know we hate it but it is a store). They could get the SCP devs on board, make them a part of the team.

They could even give it away with joysticks (with a slight price increase)...that would boost sales of both.

I know about that licensing BS with interplay and all...but i mean...PC games are just not made like that any more...it was lovingly made...of all the games i've played...this just remains the most cherished.

feel free to add ideas and whatever you like below, it's on the forum after all :hello:
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  1. + 1 to that. The FS series is still one of my favorites!
  2. I'm in!
  3. I'd buy it.
  4. FreeSpace 2 was the last space sim I've played (and remember loving it). I wonder why they haven't tapped that gaming market? Or are they all playing EVE? I will never pay a monthly fee for a videogame!
  5. I know...it was amazing...have been thinking of writing fan mail to volition (something like this, but more structured)....haha...knew there would be people here on tom's who've played it...heck if the poll looks favourable enough i might as well send the link to volition!

    But guys/gals any ideas that i've left out? i've had amazing ideas for it...like running a normal fps in parallel with the space sim...wish it wouldn't be in vain...
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