Gaming Headset?

Hi guys, I'm looking to buy a pair of new cans.
My two current choices are:
Steelseries Siberia v2
JVC HARX900 with a clip-on Zalmann mic.
Help me decide please!
How is the positional audio?
I'll mainly be playing BF3 and Starcraft 2.
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  1. corsair are getting good reviews for their gaming headsets--might be worth a look at their stuff as well
  2. Hey, I know this isn't in your list, but from personal experience i can tell you this is a GREAT product, the price/performance is unbeatable.
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    Out of the 2 I'd go with the JVC HARX900 + zalman clip on mic.
    I use a pair of Sony MDR-V600 and the same clip on mic which work wonderfully.

    I've used the Fatal1ty headset linked above. They are nice, but I prefer the MDR-V600 (better noise cancellation, nice cup and sounds better) and I managed to break my Fatal1ty headset within about 6 months of hard use.
  4. Hey,

    Best headset around is a PX21 I have mine plugged into my PC although its a xbox headset it works on my pc fine by just plugging the usb power in and has amazing quality. The headset is now priced at £60 although expensive it is amazing and has the controls on it to edit the base and much more. I would consider buying one.
  5. I would have to say for the money i would go with the Turtle Beach as well. Ear Force Z6A if you want surround or the Ear Force z2 for just stereo. Or of course the Ear Force Charlie if you are more hard core and have the $30 extra dollars.
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