My controller wont sync to my 360

hey guys, so i bought a xbox 360 eilite off my friend it came with no controller (he kept it for his new one) so i went to go sync my controller (witch is off a 360 arcade) and it wont sync to the xbox. i had my friend come over to see if his syncs to it and it does. but mine wont. i have tryed every way i could think of and looked on youtube to find a way to sync it and nothing. so please help.
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  1. Wish i knew, but that is odd. It is not like the controller is anything different. I have an Elite and an Arcade version and 3 controllers (2 from the Elite and one from the Arcade) which will sync with either one.

    I also am assuming your batteries are new and not just worn out in the controller.
  2. no there rechargeable
  3. how old are these rechargeables? get a multi meter and check that they still hold charge properly
  4. i got them like a few days a go
  5. hmm not sure then, that's really weird. Can you take your controller to some1 else's console and check if it connects ok? you need to figure out if it's a controller problem or console
  6. yes it syncs to other xbox
  7. does any one no how fix this problem
  8. the controller syncs to my bros 360 but not mine. but i had 2 friends use there's and they sync so wtf. why wont mine
  9. can any one help me or not?
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