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Battlefield 3 on Xbox 360... Looks worse than BFBC2?

I bought BF3 yesterday and installed the HD texture pack, tried playing and got what appeared to be N64 graphics, deleted and reinstalled the texture pack, and it looks better but there's still a load of texture popping and it's impossible to see in the dark and washed out in "daylight." Overall I'd say the original Halo looks better right now. Any input from the community? I've been doing some googling but everyone is talking about the difference with or without the texture pack and not and not how to fix it.
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  1. It may not be possible to fix it. The Xbox 360's hardware is extremely outdated at this point, and BF3 was designed more for current PCs than consoles. Granted, the game should probably look at least as good as BC2 on console. I think the console version simply got a somewhat subpar port as far as graphics go. DICE probably elected to put more effort into the PC version because the consoles simply aren't capable of running the game they wanted to make, not without making huge sacrifices.
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    Something is surely wrong. After installing the HD pack and playing it the graphics are pretty darn good on mine.
    I guess the rest may come down to the capabilities of your TV, or possibly even your video settings on the console itself (like not being on 1080P perhaps).

    Although surely not as good as a PC, the graphics on the Xbox for BF3 are some of the best out there for an FPS right now.
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