KT266a Mobo or Vid Prob??

I've built a KT266a System with the following Specs:

Asus A7V266-E
Athalon 1600xp
512 PC2100 DDR (in 2x256)
Aopen HA800 Case (300W PSU)
Hercules Prophet 4500 Tvout
Maxtor 30gb 7200 HDD

When it all went together it booted fine. I went in the bios to look around and noticed a slight flicker on the screen when i saved the settings? (its set to jumperless by the way) I didnt think much of it. However this morning in Win 98SE i noticed what looked like a refresh Prob. I got flicker everytime something on the screen moved. I downloaded Drivers for my Moniter(an old Iiyama vision Master) and Updated drivers for the Prophet. When i rebooted even the 98 flash screen was flickering like mad. it also does it in the bios.

I tried swaping a TNT for the Prophet and the Mobo doesnt post??? The TNT and Prophet both wok in PII P2B system.

Another Weird thing... When you leave it and power up its fine for a few seconds then the flickers gradually get worse. Made me think it might be heat, but the case has been open and has sufficient fans?

I'm thinking that the AGP slot on the Mobo might be shot but before i RMA it, anyone any ideas?? Am i missing something??
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  1. Um.... leme see if I understand this right...

    Your monitor flickers even in Bios...

    Have you attempted to overclock your video card in any way? If so, then undo it and see what happens...

    Do you

    Have you tried moving the monitor to another system to see if it flickers there too? If the flicker moves with you.. then I'd think the power supply in the monitor could be going south for a long winter....

    I'd try a different monitor if I had one before trying to RMA anything..

    Let us know what the results are...

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  2. Its definately not the Monitor. Im using the same monitor now via my TNT/PII/P2B

    I also havent overclocked the Videocard. Its pretty much impossible to check or change any settings as the screen flickers madly even in Safe mode.

    Its almost like when you pump too high a res to an old monitor, but its only set at 1024x768. Ive tried 800x600 but the same thing.......?
  3. for the flickering id say make sure theres nothing electrical near the monitor, especially mobile/cell phone, even some lamps (halogen bulbs i find really bad). not posting with the TNT though suggests a bigger problem

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  4. Ive tried the Prophet in another system. I booted up and went into the bios spent some time there and no flicker. Thats what makes me think the AGP slot might be dodgy.

    My first thought when i saw the flicker was "wheres my mobile?". I've tried moving the monitor with no luck.

    I was hoping that i'd overlooked something simple but its looking more and more like a fault as opposed to set up.
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