how to play blur using your game controller ?

and no body tells me that its better using key board plz !!
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  1. I have 2 x-box 360 controllers that I use for Blur (and other games). They are pretty much plug and play, and you don't even have to enter the controller setup, which btw is in the options menu.

    If the game does not recognize any controllers, chances are that you can't use your current controller, or that you need to find a driver for it.
  2. If you're using a wireless XBOX 360 controller on your PC, in my experience it's a good idea to turn on the controller and let it connect (green light stops blinking) BEFORE starting the game. If you forget to do that then you need to start the controller, quit the game and start the game again.
  3. Hey

    I would advise getting a wired Xbox 360 controller and then downloading the drivers to get it to work.

  4. I use a free program called XPadder. Its a little difficult to set up, and controls are jerky, but it works.
    Controls are one of the worsts things of Blur, because you can only choose from presets, and there is no customization.
    Heres a decent link to get it: (best I could find, cannot guarantee if it works)
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