Help with Xbox 360 Surround Sound PLS!

Hey guys,

I'm looking for a solution in order to get surround sound from my Xbox 360 to my analog 5.1 speaker kit...

here's what you need to know:

1. My speaker kit = Cyber acoustic CA-5001 (5.1 speakers)

2. My xbox is hooked to my PC monitor with HDMI, and I have an optical cable to carry the surround sound from the XBOX 360 to "some receiver, external or internal sound card or other solution you guys have to propose..."

3. My Xbox is sitting next to my gaming computer... Unfortunatly, my PC doesn't have an "optical Input" on the sound card I have (My sound card is the Asus Xonar DX)

4. So I guess I either need another sound card (internal or external...) or a receiver or some other MIRACLE, because I am getting VERY desperate here...

I have PCI and PCI-E slots available for this. I just need someone to find me a Cheap solution for this pls... I don't have 200$ to put on another sound card... I already have a good one... except for the fact it doesn't have an optical input...
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  1. Option #1 and the cheapest would be to use the Xbox audio dongle rather than optical and just run analog wires. If that sound setup is even decent then the software on your PC should be able to do "simulated surround" and it will sound decent, although not "true" surround of course.

    Option #2 would be to find a card that actually has a digital line in, nothing i have seen on those is cheap.

    Option #3 would of course be a stereo receiver. Also not real cheap, but much more versatile then just having the PC card as you could use it for any type of home audio. But i doubt you are getting anything good under $200.
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