My technician's product key who is in abroad is needed

my technician had installed a genuine windows7 Ultimate a month ago, but i had forgotten to ask the product ID or activation code before he leaves abroad, i had been away for a week or two, when i got back, my niece said when she is using it a couple of days ago, something had appeared on the screen saying it is not is not genuine, i need to change product key or buy another one, or re-install the said dvd/cd to correct the problem & i don't have it...
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  1. You could try talking to Microsoft, but I don't see much chance of success. I think your best bet is to buy a genuine copy of Windows 7 and then demand a refund from your technician when he returns. I'm sure Microsoft would be interested to know that he has sold you a non-genuine copy of Windows.
  2. either you own a genuine windows or you dont...
  3. its most likely your copy is non genuine, especially if you didn't get a licence sticker with the key on it.
  4. I agree with ijack. And, if the technician can't or won't make good on it, rat his sorry ass out to anyone who will listen; he doesn't need to be in business.
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