CPU's for "Tyan Tiger S2460" dualmotherboard??!!

I am looking for the lowest cost/most effective CPU's for the Tyan Tiger S2460 motherboard.
Does it have to be MP CPU's or can XP CPU's or normal Athlons CPU's do the job?
I am thinking of 2x Athlon XP 1600+ CPU's or are they not able running in SMP.
Thanks for any input guys.

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  1. there was a post about this a few days back. with the xp's it's reported that some work and some didn't. i think i was reading an article at either guygraphics or videoguys that they had success on the tiger with 2x XP1600's but couldn't get XP1800's to run on it. guess you can get lucky or not.
  2. Yeah - that's pretty much what I've read - some Tyan Tiger reviewers and owners reporting that AMD is 'SMP-locking' their XP's. However (as you indicate) some say they do work, so it's a gamble at best. If I had a Tiger, I would come up with the difference (it's not that much) and use MP's!
  3. Ok, here's the scoop. AMD validates the MP (and not the XP) to work in an SMP configuration. What this boils down to is that all MPs will work in the Tyan duallie boards, while only some XPs will. There's no way to tell in advance if an XP will or won't work for SMP, so if you do buy them for the Tyan Tiger, make sure that you can exchange them until you find ones that will work*. Personally, for what amounts to about a $65 difference, I would go with the MP for reliable SMP operation. This gets you an AMD validated performance spec, and no back and forth hassling with your dealer!

    * I've seen a situation where an XP that refused to work in a Tyan Tiger (SMP) had no problem working just fine in an Epox single processor board, so I imagine that 'SMP timing' is the critical factor.

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