Need help PS3 wont show on screen, Fan not working.

PS3 will turn on and light up but that's about it, Most of the time it will not show up on the TV but some times if i turn it off and on a few ill get a picture and can play it. But most of the time nothing.
Its quiet, No fan noise or any other noise that would tell me it was running. Its like its not turning on all the way, wont kick in to full gear, And i felt for the fan and its barely blowing out. Before the fan was loud or at lest i could hear it and was blowing out a lot of air
Also when i touch it i can not feel a thing, Some times when it starts up ill feel it rumble under my hand but then it dies down.
So anyone here know whats wrong. I will need help just got mw3 and would hate to buy a new ps3 on top of all the games coming out this month.

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  1. It sosunds like it's dying to me. Is the light at the front right green or yellow? If it's powered up and the light is anything other than green, there is a hardware problem.
  2. Its solid green, I have never seen it yellow.
  3. Possibly the power supply, hard to tell, but it definately sounds like hardware. Have you tried to contact sony support or checked the playstation forums? I think that would be a better place to ask.
  4. I am going to post there but i think all sony will tell me if i call is they will fix it for $150
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