Internet time capsule before skyrim comes out

John, this is you from the past.

The date is 11/10/11 it has been a while since we talked.
I know what is going to happen tommorow. As you have known for a long time already. On 11/11/11 skyrim comes out. I know you have spent hundreds of hours on it,

But you need to leave your house

I know it's cold out there, And I know you will come out of our house not knowing about the changes that have happened since 11/11/11 such as the current U.S president, or what day it is, or what year it is. But don't panic, I, your past self will try to help you.

1. Gravity is different in real life than in skyrim.
You cannot survive a thirty foot fall anymore. Most likely you will die.

2. You do not respawn
If you die you will not respawn at your past save, in fact there are no more "saves" anymore DO NOT DIE.

Not everyone will accept a bribe
Unless you are bribing a cop, there are people who may turn down a bribe.

You can no longer shoot fire out of your hands
So do not imply the you once could or else bad things will happen.

Dragons do NOT exist
Don't talk about them either.

Normal people are not interested in giving you quests.
Do not be surprised if no one asks you to kill something.

Your objectives of life are different than in game
Mostly your new goals are money and vagina

Try to save your friends from skyrim as well.
Your friends may still be under the effects of skyrim, (I will tell you what "friends" are later) find them and hit them repeatedly in the Testicals until they drop their controller. Show them this letter to help them settle into real life again.

You probably have brain damage
You have been in a constant trance state for God knows how long. Basically, large parts of your brain has been shut down for a long time. These parts most likely have been damaged, I suggest finding someone able bodied to take you to a doctor. If you do have brain damage. Do not panic. Panicking will not bring back your ability to feel your legs.

Do not kill anyone.
The punishment for killing a dozen people is different now, you will not be able to get away with paying a fine.

You can not kill large animals with your bare hands
It does NOT matter how much you leveled up your hand to hand skills, you can not kill a bear with your hands.

If I feel there is something else I need to tell you I will let you know here.

Love, you from the past
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  1. ^ +1 :lol:
  2. well done i reckon the only thing that will stop a lot of us getting like this is work.
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