Help Please!! Hardware Malfunction on A7V133

Installed a new A7V133 w/1.4 Athlon. I'm trying to install the HD from my old system. It's a 30 Gig HD w/3 partitions. I have formatted the first partition and tried to install Windows 2000. I load the 4 floppies without a problem, then the system reboots, and begins setup. At the beginning screen, where Windows is detecting the hardware I get a blue screen that simply says "Hardware Malfunction Please contact your vendor: System is halted" Is it a bad board? I haven't got a clue. Any input would help. Thanks
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  1. That's interesting. What's your system setup/what components do you have?

    BTW, how come you can't install using the Win2K CD? Don't you have a CD-ROM drive or something?

    Try installing Win98, and see if that works.

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  2. When I try to boot from the CD, I get a "No Emulation Error".....I'm all types of confused. I have a hard time thinking the MB/Processor is bad because when I first setup the machine, I threw in a 3Gig NT Workstation drive I had laying around and installed XP on it. Everything worked fine....Until I tried to reinstall W2K on my current HD. Like an idiot, I wiped out XP on the small drive and tried to install W2K on it. Same error????!!!!
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