Modern Warfare 3 Vs. Battlefield 3

Which game do you really like Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 or Battlefield 3? ;)
i like Modern warfare 3. ;)
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  1. Well lets just stop the flame wars before they begin.

    It is all a matter of which game you prefer. Both are good games and i own and play both. The game may both be FPS war games but after that they are two different animals.
  2. ^ two different games, no reason to compare
  3. Good way to drag the fanboys in and start a flame war.

    I play both games but I do prefer Call of Duty and I play Call of Duty a lot more than I play Battlefield.

    Both have very different types of gameplay and both are excellent at the type of gameplay they specialise in.

    Call of Duty is the best at close quarter fast paced run and gun action while Battlefield is the best at vehicle and longer ranged based combat with a slower pace.
  4. AntiZig said:
    ^ two different games, no reason to compare

  5. I play both, but enjoy BF3 more. I'm more into large map vehiclar mayhem. ;)

    But I also love a great game of S&D as well.
  6. I do not own MF3 "yet", but the vehicles in bf3 are ridiculously cool. I'll fly a jet and bomb the streets downtown, get shot down, parachute in time and rain bullets down on the kid who luckily got me anyday. After playing MF and MF2, and black ops, I think I really prefer the massive maps of BF3 and bad company 2
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