VIA-503+ mb w/ AMD K6/2

I must just be having a bad day. I have put together half a dozen boxes using identical hardware over the last few months and today, I built one and can't even get a video signal out of it. VIA-503+ MB w/ AMD K6-2 cpu, etc., etc.. For some reason there is nothing on the monitor at startup, no BIOS beep, nothing. I thought I must be having a brain lapse, so I put together to more identical boxes, checking everything along the way, using the manual (same as I have before), taking my time, same thing. If I could see something on the monitor I could get an idea of the problem, or at least at what point it crops up. FYI: I have used 3 different known working monitors, 5 different video adapters, different memory, motherboards, cases w/ PS, HDDs, 3 different CPUs. I am just overlooking something simple and need someone to point it out to me. Please offer some suggestions. Thanks, Bill
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  1. Hey W,
    No Beeps, in my limited experience has been: Bad CPU,Bad mobo/Bios chip, or PC speaker leads not connected. Don't worry about the Video yet. First figuare out if you have a good CPU and good mobo. Try swicthing out the cpu with a working one, and try putting the old cpu in a working system. By the way, are you getting power? Does anything turn on(like cpu fan, P/S fans), if not check all your connections(ATX power, front panel leads) and power switches(like the one on the back of the P/S below the cable). If all is good, but no power, switch out your P/S with a working power supply. Hope this helps a little, most likely not. Good Luck
    Peace Out..............tile

    Keep Hope Alive!
  2. Thanks Tile, we got power, all fans turn on. Bench tested mobo, checks out, tried 3 different CPUs AND 3 different cases w/ PS, I guess they might all be bad but probably not.
  3. These things had a problem with many AGP cards, do to the low amount of power available to the AGP slot. It started with the TNT2 and got progressively worse as cards consumed more power. I believe some newer cards draw less power, or you could try an old card, like an earlier TNT or a Riva 128 ZX, or an old Rage card, or a Banshee.

    Back to you Tom...
  4. Thanks, I have tried 2 AGP cards, 2 PCI cards, and even an old ISA adapter I had. Nothing. Like I said, it's been a bad day, and now it is dragging into tomorrow. Thanks again, Bill
  5. Hey W,
    Sorry, like I thought, my advice wasn't enough. Hey I thought it was worth a shot, just in case. At least it moved your post to the front page again. I hope you're not like me, in that your GOOD days last just minutes and your BAD days last the rest of the month. Good Luck
    Peace Out........tile

    Keep Hope Alive!
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