Battlefield 3 low fps

I keep getting quite low fps in battlefield 3 15-30 with 25 on average this is on ultra 1080p. I ve seen people with worse rigs run it better and people with the same specs getting 50-90 fps with an average of over 60 i dont get whats wrong.

system specs
CPU-i7 930 3.2GHz
GPU-5870x2 crossfire 11.10, 11.9CAP 4
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  1. Yeah, you should be doing much better than 25 fps with that rig - especially at 1080p. Are you sure both gpu's are working? Is crossfire supported for BF3 at launch?

    If you're looking for a few suggestions to improve your frame rate without much visual quality loss, setting Ambient Occlusion from HBAO to SSAO and turning AA down/off got me big improvements. Neither of these detracted from the visuals too much and I added almost 20 fps as a result. I left everything else on Ultra.
  2. right so after some new patches its sort of running better i get up 60fps with 35ish on average maybe 40 but i get periodic and huge fps drops to 15fps about which makes unplayable i checked the GPUs and they are both work supposedly but im not sure whats wrong then this setup should be the same or just a bit faster than dual 6870s which get on average over 100 fps anyone else got a similar rig?
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