There has no microsoft office in windows 7 on pc

I have a problem to my windows 7 os. I can't install my microsoft office and it says "not supported" what that it means?
Could anyone else help me fix this thing...
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  1. What version of office is it?

    You can try right clicking on the install executable and select "run as administrator".
  2. Hi dhxter_lab and welcome to Tom's forum.

    Which are ur rig's specifications?
  3. how many profiles are on your system.?
    do you have enough permissions with the profile (user account) your on.?
  4. We need to know which version of Microsoft Office you are trying to install and do you have a trial version preinstalled on your pc.
    Do you have the original instalation disk/s for it?
    All Office versions since 2000 work on Windows 7.
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