Skyrim on SLI 8800 GTS 512MB GPU's?

Hello all. My friend has a system with specs as follows.

8GB DDR2 1066MHz ram, q6600 2.4GHz quad CPU, and 2x 8800 GTS 512MB GPU's running in SLI.

At what setting will he be able to play Skyrim? I've already noticed benchmarks for the game on the homepage but did not see his cards listed. Can anyone shed some light on this? Thank you much.

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  1. Depends on the res, but he could probably run on medium/low for most resolutions..
  2. My wife is playing @ 1440x900 resolution with a GTX 260 (similar to 8800's in SLI). She plays at Medium settings fairly well. She also has a Q6600 CPU, but it's overclocked to 3.2Ghz.

    The CPU seems be become a limitation to the video card as Skyrim forces the CPU to render Shadows. So you might adjust the Shadow level (Low, Medium, High, Ultra) and see if this helps with any performance issues if you have them.
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