Skyrim infinite mana fix or work around?

So I've been playing for a few hours, no problem, no bugs or anything until. I get to the "mage's guild" quest and somehow I get infinite mana. tried to restart, load, unequip all my stuff and nothing. Mana gauge won't even show on screen.

Anybody has a fix or a way to stop it using console?

I can't play with that bug, it's just breaks the game.

I have Skyrim on PC btw, I don't think specs are important for that problem
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  1. HA, i was playing today too.. it is just active effect 2hrs fortified magic +100.. i think it is side effect that happens, when you clean those blue mana pools, or its just given by the trainer. I hope it helps :)
  2. lol I feel so stupid when i know that :D
  3. It's happening to me right now. I hope it's not a glitch. Me too it started right after cleaning those pools of mana around the college. The guys who gave the quest did say there may be some side effects. But it does look like a bug because you can't even see your mana bar...
  4. yea it is not a glitch, after 2hrs unlimited mana is gone, tho it was fun burning everyone
  5. Happened to me too... Very fun to run down a dungeon while holding the left mouse button with an always active health spell while launching lighting bolts with the right hand. :pt1cable: Some kind of "Cast and Furious" playstyle !
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