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I've sony waio i3 laptop with win7. I want to install XP on other drive(Win7 already in c:). Is this possible?If yes, Please let me know how?
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  1. Yes you can, but installing XP after 7 will cause the bootloader to mess up for Windows 7. You can fix this by using Easy BCD to rewrite the bootloader and getting everything back into place and working. and download the disc image.

    Now, if you install XP first and then 7 after, the newer OS will actually update the bootloader properly so it all works. That, however will involve you reinstalling Windows 7.


    A: Install XP to 2nd your drive and use Easy BCD to fix the bootloader


    B: Wipe everything off your system and install both operating systems, starting with Windows XP
  2. C: Install a virtual copy of XP using Virtual PC or VirtualBox.
  3. ^^ or this, computer specs permitting.

    What do you want to do with XP?
  4. Be aware that Sony may not have drivers for all the hardware for Win XP. Ensure you can get drivers before making the attempt.
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