Skyrim grapchical bug

Hi guys! I installed Skyrim today, and as soon as it was done I was going to play, but I have a few problems..

1. The starting screen is black from the beginning, and the it turns like purple?
2. When I'm in the game (the start). I cannot see the wagons that you are sitting in. Only the people around, and I can see that we are moving forward towards the village where I'm about to get executed. I hear the guys talking but not see them move thiers mouths. And I wont get any further in the game, I'm not coming to the village I'm just hearing them talk and then it all stops and I'll be there forever. (Where you guys would be seeing the village.)

I don't think I can add any photos, don't know where they are saved... But if anyone can help me... please... then help me.
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  1. what are your system specs. Sounds like you dont have a good enough gfx card.
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