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ecs k7s5a won't shut down

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November 8, 2001 4:59:37 AM

HELP!! My computer won't shut down. It will automatically reboot when I try and shut it down. It goes through the motions and right when I think it is about to turn off it restarts! My system has the ECS K7S5A mobo with an athlon xp 1600 (1.4ghz), alpha pal-8045 hsf, soundblaster live 5.1, ibm 60 gb hdd, geforce2 pro 64mb and 256 MB of crucial ddr-sdram, and a 300 watt psu. I am running windows 2000 pro. I have read about random resets occurring with this mobo but I can't seem to find anywhere that shows a resolution to my problem. Is this a motherboard problem or some setting on windows? I recently put it all together and everything runs fine except this one problem. Can anyone help? Thanks so much.

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November 8, 2001 5:34:19 AM

When the computer is running carefully pull the power switch lead from its pins. Then try to shutdown and tell me what happens.

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November 8, 2001 6:02:57 PM

how do you carefully pull it...slowly? or wearing a static discharge suit?
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November 8, 2001 9:14:50 PM

when I shutdown now it just freezes... it used to sometimes do this instead of restarting too. now it just freezes all of the time when I shut it down. other than that I don't have any problems whatsoever. when I started up it used to say there was something wrong with the file system but it doesn't say that anymore. it boots up normally now.

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November 8, 2001 10:06:12 PM

Okay I will run the memtest as soon as I can. Here is some more info that might help. If I restart instead of shut down it will restart fine. when I shut down, the screen turns blue, but it is blank. I can see the mouse pointer but I can't move it. wierd huh? anybody know why this problem occurrs?

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November 8, 2001 10:26:05 PM

Hey, thebluedog, is the name perhaps refering to the blue dog in the famous Cajun paingings by Mr. Rodrigue from Louisiana?
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