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ping problem and a little more

Last response: in Networking
September 13, 2002 6:57:15 PM

ive used bootvis to monitor startup and there are 2 10sec delays caused by the netowrk driver:mrxsmb
and 2 3sec delays caused by the driver : netbios???

ive got 3 machines networked to an adsl router/modem through a 100mbs switch. all machines run windows xp pro.. the network adapters are realtek nic's.
I have zero reply when trying to ping from one pc to another on the network but all internet connections/file sharing is enabled and working fine?
the router very frequently shows incorrect lan information: it is set up as the dhcp server and usually shows that either none or only 1 or 2 pcs are actually connected,m which cannot be the case since all machines are alocated their ip addresses correctly. if i try to repair the connection from any of the machines i get an error message(cannot renew ip address) but the router will then show correctly the appropriate clients address and its connection status(active)...
i'v tried altering the registry settings for maintainserverlist and isdomainmaster since i thought that maybe elections maybe causing delays.but this seems not to help
any help whould be appricated.....

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September 14, 2002 1:42:27 AM

Your best solution would be to dissable DHCP in the router and give each machine a static IP address. Or assign each machine a perminant IP adress in the network properties screen.

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September 14, 2002 12:15:41 PM

I tried that and had the same problems..:( 
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September 14, 2002 2:39:42 PM

Your router should have an IP adresssssssss on its lan or wan side for example with a subnet mask of also example.
ooooops my ssssssssssss keeps sticking
In the network properties window. Click on TCP/IP->( your network adaptor) click properties.
Click specify an IP address
Enter an IP adress (Such as
Enter an subnet massst (such as ) this needs to match the sobnet mask of your router

Click on the GATEWAY tab Type in the adress of your routers output port ( click ADD
Click on the DNS Configuration tab.
Click Enable DNS Some ISPs require a Host and Domain others do not, Optional here.
DNS Server Search Order, Type in the DNS numbers provided by your ISP and click ADD

Click on the BINDINGS tab
I have Client for microsoft networks and File and print sharing Installed
click OK and OK It may ask you for your OS disk , Install a few files and prompt you to restart. Resstart

You will have to do this for all comps. You will also have to share at least one drive on each comp. Share the CDROM drive if you are worried about secouity or someone deleting files.

Hope this helps. If not post again and I'll ssee what my brother-in-law suggests. He's a network admin.

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September 14, 2002 11:43:51 PM

thanks but all of what you've suggested has been done. I've tried using the router as the dhcp server and ive tried disabling it/ then assigned each pc with its own ip address and entered the adress of the router as the gateway. dns has been left to automatically discover and ive also set it up manually..?????
I was given the windows xp resource kit documentation the other day and quite typically the section on this problem helped none..
September 15, 2002 1:53:26 PM

Ok well my dsl went down saturday. When i called tech support ,the firsst thing they asked ARE YOU USING XP. apparently XP has a problem when using the ppp protocal on high speed connections. See if your provider has an option to use PPPOE. I use Alltel, It is the only thing available in my area.

Still down this morning but I'm using the old modem and dial up account.

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September 15, 2002 9:55:43 PM

my connection went down this weekend.. router shows very high line attenuation ...lots of noise on the line :( 

the real problem. is that it takes an enternity for each pc to refresh the contents of the'my network places' folder. most of the time the pause causes both the open windows and the task bar to dissapear.. reappearing from about 3 to 10 secs later.. moving up or down through the networks directory tree causes pauses at each step.
but if i make a shortcut to a particular existing networkfolder i can access it instantly on any machine??.
this problem is occuring on 2 networks im working on at the moment.. all pcs are running xp..
September 19, 2002 11:35:28 PM

Finally got up. Do you have a dedicated wins server running?
Set it up on 1 machine and enable wins resolution on all machines and point to host computer.
A switch will work better in this environment.Use them instead of hubs. If you have a lot of computers you may need to run routers.

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