Hey Everybody,

Need help please. Kinda freaking out.

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My computer died Friday night. An hour after I started to pre download Skyrim(CRAP!) Anyway computer WAS a 2500k on an ASUS P68 Pro motherboard, running a Phoenix Pro SSD. Anyway I did everything I could think of to get her back. I was basically getting nothing to the monitor, didn't even apear the computer was booting up. Swapped out GPU's nothing happened. Then noticed that my VGA light was on on the motheboard next to the PCIE slot. Tried another PCIE slot, nothing. Screwed right, bad motherboard? So like any gamer I quickly started to rebuild another computer. AMD 955, anyway coulding get that to boot up. Recognized the SSD(moved from my other computer) Thought maybe a windows repair using the disk was in order so I tried that, nothing! Evenutally reinstalled windows into another HDD which I had still in the box and shes running. Plugged my SSD in and had a look at her, its BLANK!!!! Ran disk check, seems fine??? Where did my data go? What happened?? So my motherboard died, and completely erased my SSD in the process?? WTF??? Any ideas on that, and what I should try to get the motherboard benched effectively?? Also do you think that maybe the SSD problem was what caused the motherboard issues on the P68pro?

Part Two: The real problem, all my games were on the SSD. Which means that my saves were on there! MY BF3 SAVES!!! OH NOOO!! Somebody please tell me that my battlefield sign in is holding all of my data for me....PLEASE!!! I won't know untill I download everything again and that won't be untill tommorow, I may not sleep.


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  1. Stats are not stored on your computer, idk about single player saves n such though...
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