KG7 mobo probs with nic card plz help.

I have a abit KG7 and i have a linksys 100TX nic card. for some reason my comp takes 3-5 minutes to boot now. but it doesn't without the nic card. i removed all my cards but video and it still does...any ideas? i tryed putting it in diffrent slots but it gets interrupted with my sblive.
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  1. I have a Linksys NIC on my KG7R with no problems. Sounds like you may have a bad card. Have you tried getting a different one?
  2. Do you mean loading your BIOS takes 3-5 minutes or loading your OS takes so much time?
  3. when loading up Os you come to that black screen that has white box and inside is sys information like how much ram/cache/harddrive/ide info/etc. etc.

    well it hangs on that screen for about3-5 minutes then it continues to load windows.....
  4. Which protocols does Windows use for the nic card?
    Could be that settings for the protocols are wrong, or your card is indeed bad and can't get connection with anything.
    Is your card working when Windows is loaded?
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