help me ,my mobo does not work

hi every body ,i desperately need help ,i am a first timer building computer ,i assembled AMD ATHLON 750MHZ,FIC SD11 MOBO,256 MB RAM,WITH 400 WATTS POWER SUPPLY,when i first booted it ,it says cheking NV RAM but shows no count,and also says hit delete to enter set up ,but when i hit it nothing happens, and no beep sounds at all, on advice from a friend i changed the cmos jumper to clear for 30 seconds and placed it back in normal position,after this there is no power supply to the case fan and no sounds from the system ,i thind there is no power supply to the mother board
at all ,i even changed the cmos battery but to no use ,i urgently need some help
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  1. Try unplugging all drive cables and pulling all cards except video and see what happens.

    Back to you Tom...
  2. hi
    thanks for the reply,yep i did it ,now i have only mobo ,processor ,andpci video card connected and nothing happens not even the case fan goes on,can u tell me if the power comes to the mobo on the signal given by the bios
  3. Try changing your memory stick to a different slot. If your system freezes again during boot up before memory count, I would change memory. I had the same thing happen to me with an Epox board.
  4. Did you make sure to leave the memory in? Do you get a beep code?

    Back to you Tom...
  5. hi man
    yep i tried it too but no use, as i have told u guys ,after clearing the cmos by keeping the cmos jumper in the clear position for 30 sec's ,and also removed the battery and placed a new one ,after this not even the case fan goes on ,none of things seem to get power,does this happen if something is wrong with the bios
  6. It sounds like the board isn't getting the "on" signal from the case switch. Are all the little wires from the switches and lights hooked up right? I know they're not usually well-labeled...
  7. hi, i think they r all hooked up right cos i double-triple checked everything ,can u tell me any other way of making sure that my power supply is working ,consider that i donot have an extre mobo and power supply like by using some kind of a tester
  8. I stripped my motherboard down to bare board with only the processor and fan left, no video (no a single card), no RAM, no keyboard. Turned the power on and it produced a very long beeeep, trying to tell me something sort of "I'm alive or dead but for sure powered".
    When no processor – no any sound, no nothing.
  9. hi
    i did it ,except for the processor ,but no beeps came up
  10. If you plug the power supply into the motherboard, plug in the CPU cooler, speaker, power and reset wires, and hit "on", nothing happens? No fans, no beeps, zip? It could be a) your power supply is fried or is a model incompatible with your motherboard, b) the case switches don't work or are hooked up wrong, or c) your motherboard is fried.

    You can test your power supply with a volt meter and some specs on what voltages are suppoed to be coming out of each pin on the molex connector (I have no idea, sorry). You may be able to test your case switches with an ohmmeter to see if it makes a connection when you hit the button. Or, you can bring the stuff back to where you bought it and ask them to bench test the parts for you.
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