KT7A won't boot from floppy

I am setting up my first system. KT7A-RAID mobo. I've got basic BIOS configured, then setup the RAID 0 array, then rebooted to do the partitioning, and during the boot sequence,the floppy drive starts to run the boot disk then I get this response: I/O ERROR, REPLACE THE DISK, AND THEN PRESS ANY KEY. I'm missing something, any suggestions?
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  1. Mess with the wire, try a new drive and floppy cable.

    Mine does it sometimes. I wish they would get rid of the floppy, it very annoying... maybe a boot OS on a chip on th emobo or somethign if there are nto other os's installed or yiu need to get to a prompt before the OS loads.

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  2. Try using that same disk in a different computer and see if you get the same error. If you do, there's the problem. If not, set the BIOS to boot to the hard drive first and then reboot. Go back into the BIOS and change the setting back to booting to the floppy first. If that doesn't fix it, it's most likely a hardware error.
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