How Do I Test Mobo Power Circuit?

My system sometimes acts like it isn't plugged in. Multiple cycles of both the front-panel and rear-panel power switches do nothing. Then, ultimately, it powers up. When its dead *nothing* happens: no case fans, nothing.

How do I isolate whether its the front-panel power switch, the motherboard, or power supply?


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  1. If I had a chance to get a good working power supply from another good working machine I would try it first.

    Just usual basic questions, normally asked before providing with any advice: how and when it happened you got a problem? What are your system and power supply models and general technical data?

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  2. I would replace the cord going to the power supply, or bend the tangs slightly on the ps. Works everytime for me.
  3. Aha! Thanks for the idea. To reduce the cabling disruption I used the 6 year old power cord from my old computer. I completely forgot that fact. Its running now on the new power cord that came with the case. I'll see if that makes a difference.

    I forget half the time to post the specifics of my system:
    InWin S506 Case; 300W PSU
    Athlon 1.2 GHz; 266FSB, Thermaltake 6Cu cooler
    Gigabyte GA-7DXR motherboard
    256MB Crucial RAM
    WD 40GB 7200 RPM hard drive
    Sony 32x CD-ROM
    Philips 8x CD-RW

    Thanks again!

  4. Beware the cranky power supply!

    I had similar problems...I had to hit the power switch 3 or 4 times before the comp came on. Then, one day after about a week of this, I heard a loud pop, whistle and smelled smoke: two of the capacitors on the motherboard had blown off.

    It was a good excuse to upgrade though...
  5. To test the power button on the computer, use a different case. To test the power supply, use a different one... When the problem goes away, whatever you just replaced, has got to be the problem. I was having the same issues with a POS Gateway's at work. The problem turned out to the a loose wire on the power switch in the case. Once I soldered it back on, it worked like a champ. (for a gateway anyway)
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