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What shall I do?!?! Gygibyte, Asus, DFI, or another? What is the best mother board with the KT266A chipset? One that is fair in price and highest of quality, you know, balance quality/features/price? I mean is it worth it to get the best? And what is the best you think?
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  1. I'm waiting for the ABIT KR7A-RAID mobo that's going to be released at the end of november. It's basically the KG7-RAID board but with the KT266A chipset. I'm primarily interested in the fact that that mobo has ATA100 RAID, 6 PCI slots, 4 memory slots, and the KT266A chipset. I should mention that it's unsual for a mobo to have more than 4 memchip slots.

    I know that this isn't much for advice, but I think this mobo with worth waiting for.

  2. BTW here's a link to the KR7A-RAID page at ABIT
  3. I would tend to agree. The new ABIT board holds a lot of promise. If you're looking for one now though, (as in another couple weeks wait will kill ya), the KG7-RAID is well worth the $175. It's extremly stable, easy to overclock, has hardware raid, 4 DIMMS, 6 PCI slots... not really any downsides other than the little extra money. In the long run though, this board should last you longer than most because it has plenty of room for expansion. Right now, I think the KG7-RAID is the best buy out there. I'm sure there's some who would disagree though, there always is.
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