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here at our office our graphic designer uses ACDSee Pro 3 in lieu of Adobe Bridge. working great but this morning when she logged in, it wouldn't launch, no error, nothing.

i logged in to the machine locally, to my user account on the domain, as well as a third user on the domain that i tried because she has no rights whatsoever. it launched every time, but will not open for this one user.

i have uninstalled and reinstalled, checked the rights for the user, and installed as the user, and the problem remains. anyone know why in general one user wouldn't be able to open the software when all other accounts can?

thanks for your time
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  1. Odd. Being pragmatic, I'd just create a new profile for her and put it down to magic. It's nice to know why these things happen, but may take you longer to find out than to ignore.
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    You could try giving her accoutn administrative rights have her login (with you watching) run the application, then logout and remove her admin rights. Some applications need to be run administrativly the first time (We have had this problem at work ourselves) if that doesnt work just delete her user profile and recreate it.
  3. totally simple, totally overlooked, feel totally stupid.

    deleted registry key for user in question for application in question. lost all preferences obviously, but opened perfectly.
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