Usb keyboard hang in windows 7

hi all
i use windows 7. i have usb mouse and keyboard. when i work in windows sudenly keyboard lock and i should un plug usb and plug in the keyboard usb again to unlock the keyboard. this happen with my mouse.
what can i do wiht this problem? :pt1cable:
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  1. the system is powering off usb ports to save power? in the power management settings you can change the scheme to custom? turn off the usb power saver shutdown?
    click start, click control panel,
    at the top of this window is a bar that says: "control panel >"
    on the far right of this bar is a down arrow
    left click the down arrow
    left click control panel/all control panel items
    left click power options
    left click create a power plan
    I recommend you click balanced
    left click change plan settings
    left click change advanced power settings
    left click + USB to expand usb settings
    left click + USB selective suspend setting
    left click settings
    left click the down arrow, set USB suspend to disabled
    click apply, click ok
    recommend setting "put computer to sleep" to never
    recommend setting "turn monitor off" to 45 minutes
    left click save changes, restart computer
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