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Hi guys
I have problem in Battlefield 3 game was freez/hang/black screen on every 5 or 10mints some time in loading & some time in during game.
Also update latest nvdia drivers but still problem was same n try all setting low, medium & Resoulation etc
So plz plz help


PC: Corei3 2100, 4gb Corsiar, Asus GTX 460 1gb, Win7 Ultimate 64bit
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  1. temps? driver version? in-game settings?
    what PSU are you running on that setup?
  2. gpu temp 55c to 60c n chk all game setting low,medium, auto, etc n i have Corsiar 400watts psu
    driver version 285.62
  3. seems to me that you should have no problem running that.

    is this a new rig or have you had it for a while? have any other games presented with similar issues?
  4. erm i got a question... Can battlefield 3 run on GT525M? driver version 285.62
  5. unlikely seeing how GTS250 is the minimum recommended and 525 is about half of that card
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