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New laptop decisions


I'm buying a new laptop (spilled wine on my old one...long story) and I think i've settled on a Sager NP5160 (specs in hyperlink).

I know I want it to be able to play current games at decent settings. TF2, LoL, and Brink are probably the most graphically demanding games i'm planning on playing at the moment (maybe the Witcher series if Steam puts em on sale at a 9000% markdown). If it's not already apparent, I know next to nothing about computers. Would someone mind telling me if the laptop i linked above would be able to play those games at mid-high settings while maintaining a tolerable FPS?

Side-note, I'm also gonna play Star Wars: The Old Republic when it comes out. My understanding is that MMO's usually don't have insane graphics requirements, and that if I can play the above games at decent settings then i'll be able to play ToR there too. If this isn't the case, let me know.

Thanks so much in advance for any help.
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    That laptop will definitely play all those games. Most of them at pretty high settings except for The Witcher 2 and maybe Brink. Couldn't find any specs for LoL so can't make any guarantees there, but I doubt it's as high as the first Witcher.
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