Will i lose Windows XP!!!!!!! HELP

Hi i am going to upgrade my PC, my current PC is old and i am thinking of replacing the Hard Drive, the thing is that my current Hard Drive has XP on it and i was supplied no disk. (packard Bell). My current PC Does not support 2 HDD so i cannot back up, so what can i do, is there a way i can make a XP disk from the XP files on my PC?

please help bye!

the turk
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  1. yes you will lose xp because if you do back up your xp and put it on disk certain files are left off. and when you go to reinstall it will tell you that certain file are missing also you will not be able to get any updates and it will look like you have a cloned version .
    Ihope this helps you.
  2. has not my XP got some kind of code, so when i reinstall it i can use the code to make it valid?

    the turk
  3. You can, but you might have to call Microsoft to activate by phone.
  4. If it's not a corporate edition, you will have to call them and activate it
  5. i think mine is home editions so i should:

    get a friends disk >> install >> put in my code >> call microsoft >> tell them the story and my code >> microsoft XP is active.

    the turk
  6. good luck with that.

    wow theres nothing like corporate edition lol

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  7. Just tell them you had to reinstall and they'll give you the activation code.

    It's not a big deal.. but if they start seeing 100 computers with the same code, they'll get around to it someday and block you. You're fine.. just call in and they probably won't even ask.
  8. Just activate your Windows using its activation software first. I had the same situation like yours (changed almost everything, mobo, CPU, HD and adding DVD writer but my copy is OEM that I bought separately), and I activated my Windows just using Internet successfully (although time when I activated it first time and the last about a year).
  9. I believe they give you 3 or 5 activations before you have to call in.
  10. The last time I activated was 5th or 6th (I think).
  11. I would use Norton Ghost to create an image of the original hard drive, then restore the image (using Ghost) onto the new hard drive. Given your current hardware configuration, here are two ways you can accomplish this:

    1. If you can get your hands on <i>an IDE ribbon cable that has a second IDE connector</i>, then you might be able to connect a second hard drive. In most of the old computers that I have come across, the BIOS was able to support the second hard drive. Use Norton Ghost to clone the old hard drive.

    2. If you have a CDRW drive, you can use Norton Ghost to create a spanned image across several CDs. Depending on the amount of disk space used up, you may need to have many CDs handy. Hey, if it means using 15 CDs, and it gets the job done (with no other viable alternative), I'd do it.

    If you are unable to purchase your own copy of Norton Ghost 2003, then you <i>might</i> be able to find an emergency Ghost floppy somewhere online or from a friend. You will also need a Windows (95 or 98) boot floppy if the Ghost floppy isn't bootable.

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