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BF 3 Screen flicker

Hi Guys,

Have you ever got Battlefield 3 screen flickering issue? My screen keeps flickering when playing BF3! WTH! So far i have got green screen flickering and orange screen flickering issue in the game, they are not beautiful at all! Could you tell me how can i fix Battlefield 3 screen flickering issue? Should i change game settings? Will that work for fix screen flickering issue? Pretty sure she's all up to date :S
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  1. Should tell us more about your gaming system.
  2. i5 2600k
    Battlefield edition 5970
    Coolmaster 750w Psu
    8Gb ddr3 Vengeance Ram
    Darkfleet full tower gaming case
    Old backup Hdd (My new hdd has not arrived yet)
    Stock Cpu Cooler (Also waiting on a new one)
    AS-Rock Z68 Mobo
    Windows 7 Pro 64Bit

    I put her together 2 days ago.
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    If it makes you feel better I also get an occasional green screen flicker. I have seen a few others complain about it in game as well. I am running a GTX460 with latest drivers (just letting you know so you don't think it is only AMD and not nvidia).

    No idea how to make it go away
  4. Yea, I've had a few issues... also copped a DC every game... but I have fixed that...

    Maybe its just a game error that will be fixed in the upcoming patch.

    I'll keep searching for fix's

    Thanks guys.
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