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Hi all,
I have an asus A7V133 motherboard and am soon planning on upgrading my CPU. Would anyone know what is the maximum AMD Athlon clock speed that this motherboard supports?? I visited the site and all it says is 1GHz+ which frankly does not tell me much at all. Thanks in advance
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  1. It will support all new socket A processor, but you will need the latest BIOS update for that.

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  2. Is that the one with the KT133 or the KT133A? The newer KT133A supports a 133MHz FSB, while the orginal KT133 does not, limiting your options.

    What's the frequency, Kenneth?
  3. hi there,
    the board is regular A7V133 with a Promise IDE ATA-100/RAID 0/I chip and on the first page of the manual it says the following:

    JumperFree PC133/VC133
    200/266 MHz FSB AGP Pro/4X
    Socket A Motherboard

    thanks a lot
  4. thank you

    just one quick thing, are the new AMD Athlon XP cpus socket A as well and will this board work with them or will it only work with just the thunderbirds at best?
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