Pc slows then freezes.

Hello, Tom

I built my pc a few months back ready for Battlefield 3. Before it release I never had a problem running any game or anything. Since Origins install and battlefields download I can play no problems for 20 mins or so then my pc starts to slow then freeze all together. I'm not overclocked or anything everything is stock. Am I overheating? Is my power supply failing? I don't understand that I used to be able to play everything flawlessly for hours. Now even without loading origin my pc still slows then crashes.
My specs are:
Asus p8p67 pro b3
Intel i5 2500
2x XFX ati 6950 2gig in xfire 8x8
G skill 8gig ddr3 Ripjaw 1600mhz
2x Corsair Force 3 60 gig in raid 0
Corsair HX750W modular power supply.
Running on Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit
All drivers and windows updates are up to date. Thanks Evan
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  1. you are asking a forum if you're overheating? seriously, have it occurred that you should be checking that yourself (download speedfan, hwmonitor, hwinfo to check temps)

    I doubt it's the power supply, 750W should be plenty, corsair should be reliable. Plus the problem would present right away instead of after 20 mins.

    Does this slow down only apply to BF3 or other games too?
  2. I ment could overheating be causing this? I have hwmoniter running and all looks ok. CPU 50-60 max and gpu around 70 max. Since the origin/bf3 install even leaveing it open on the desktop slows then freezes. No mater what I'm doing it freezes. I've tried fresh windows install and problem still happens. Is there any software to run that scans for problem hardware?
  3. native windows event viewer should record any hardware faults if there are any

    I don't know of any software that scans your hardware for problems per se. there's various tools to test each piece on its own, but before we get into that have you ruled out possible virus/worm?

    check hardware manager for any identified faults if you haven't already

    next step I'd try reseating ram and idk if your PSU has a thermal diode, but just check that the fan is going and what's the approx exhaust temp
  4. Oh the power supplies fan is not working. I've got a spare corsair 550w unmodular :(. Do you think that will be enough power?
  5. no, only if you pull one GPU out. But this is good, at least you know what the problem is now :)
  6. Thanks for your help mate. Not my poor xfire :( you will be missed.
  7. Turns out the power supply fan was working. I'm so noob. And it was my second raid setup for game installs was the problem. I've removed the drives and only running my ssd raid and I havnt had a problem since. Finally I can complete a map of online bf3.
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