trying to pick a labtop for school, please help

im moving off campus from my uni this september for my third year and im looking for a labtop and labtop bag to take to school. im at school from pretty much 8am to 8pm half the week (engineering major + premed = pure death) and i need something decently easy to carry around. i havent researched much into it but someone recommended the dell 700m, which seems to be a very good value (if i wait for the $750 off $1500 deals).

my budget is about $800-900 (im a starving college kid after all) and ram is not a factor as ill probably buy a 512 stick off newegg since its much cheaper. i think about 40gigs of hd space is adequate, since ill only use it to download stuff off the campus network which will be transferred to the 600gigs on my desktop. besides that im only going to use it to chat/play music/watch movies/word processing. battery life is kinda important so ill probably be upgrading to the most powerful battery available when i buy.

the inspiron 6000 also looks pretty nice as it comes with a 3d card rather than a built in one (the x300) and has a bigger screen, but probably has a smaller battery life and is heavier. i didnt really like the apple ibooks, and the powerbooks look great but are out of my price range i think. so anyways, any suggestions/advice/opinions on labtops and labtop bags around my price range would be great. thanks!

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  1. ThinkPad R Series, from $699, that is the web price. you may have a look
  2. i looked up for the 699 thinkpad but it seems you dont get very much for the price. are there any benefits to the ibm that im just not seeing? because from the components it seems like the dell gets more performance for the money.
  3. i am a thinkpad fan,:)
    yeah, when they have the same price, dell may have a better hardware performance. now in the most applications, the speed of the CPU or whether it has 1gb ram are not as important as advertisements tell us, most laptops you can buy in the store now are surely competent for most people's study and work, for example, a laptop with the centrino technology is enough. if you are working with the CAD or animation applet, your budget is not enough, you'd better buy a laptop with a higher speed cpu and larger ram and HD.
    there are a lot of useful tools installed in the thinkpad which can help you switch you network setup, update your software, config you laptop and so on. To me, they are really helpful and convenient, as i know, dell does not do the same work, maybe dell has some other laptop configware i fell ibm's is better
    so you may go to the store to make you own experience,to compare them

    ps: it is not an advertisement~~haha~~
  4. I'm an IBM fanboy too and I must say they do make the the most reliable business notebooks around (or at least they did before lenovo took over, dont know how they are now). If all you do is type up papers, surf the net, and check email the IBM would be a good choice. Being a college student myself I know that isn't all you want to do on a computer :) With a budget like that I'd go for a different brand with a little higher specs because you will inevitably want to play a game on it sometime. If your budget was around $3000 I'd say go w/ an IBM T series but that isn't the case so dell or HP would be a better option.

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  5. I am still using A30. Can't beat the keyboard by a long shot. I've tried Dell's stuff, can't type much, thumb pain kills the work attitude ;o)

    I would get a 700m though for the screen itself and that's it, other than that there is not much you can do on it (not a gaming machine, crippled keyboard, battery life is not good without extended battery). 600m would be a much better choice for gaming schooling and it has a better keyboard and battery life, although the screen is not that great. IBM screens are much whiter and easier to look at for a long time. Anyway, check the eBay for good deals. Just a couple of moth ago me got an A30 for ~350 bux with SXGA screen in perfect condition (my older one died because of me;) and although it is not a light machine, I use it in the truck and home, so care less about the weight. Just bought another one for a bro of mine for 250 with the same screen, hehe. It has P3 in it, but it is as snappy as Dell 9300 I've tried wich had PM 1.86Gz in it. For basic work it is awesome.

    For you, get a Dell 600m with an x300 card in it, it will game and has a normal screen which I think is much better to use for web and documents than a wide one.

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  6. We have been getting a bunch of D610 notebooks (latitude version of the 600m) at work and those suckers are pretty nice. We like them maily because they still have a COM port for consoling into cisco equipment :)
    If only IBMs had COM ports instead of Parallel ports. Then they would truely be the perfect laptop...

    I ain't givin up my T42 keyboard for anything... Well, except maybe a T43 keyboard ;)

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  7. No doubt Lattitude is a better built machine (even comes with a pointing stick!) but it has a price tag as well, Inspiron will give a guy on the budget cheaper option with the same insides, and if he is careful, it will last as long.

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  8. A little out of range, but interesting. Sagernotebooks just posted a release of a new laptop, Sonoma platform (Intel Centrino, GMA 900 integrated graphics, new core Pentium M) with 512 Meg of Ram, 5400 RPM Harddrive, 15.1" Screen, Web Camera built into the frame of the laptop, 4 USB ports, Pentium 1.73 Ghz., 2meg cache standard, for $999. Kind of interesting.
  9. For this kind of money you can get a Dell 6000 with an x300 and faster CPU and... for the left overs buy yourself a camcorder if you are interested in video.

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  10. ok i am in the same shoe. max i can spend is $1000 (and i want the stuff that $3000 can get).

    anyway this could you guys tell us that what specs we should have for a notebook that is primarily for work and occassionally for games.following links are my choices right now. please let me know if i am falling for a bummer.

    i dont know if it will be a good enough for games though. one more problem that i see is that the audio out is mono.can that be fixed later on?
  11. Check out

    They seem to have relatively low prices compared to the big NB companies.

    One negative so far is that I ordered a laptop from them 8/19/05 and it still hasn't been made/shipped as of 9/6/05 although I was billed ages ago.

    I'll post a review when I receive my laptop (Xplorer X5-6700).
  12. Well, I finally received my laptop 28 days after I placed the order.

    I ordered it w/o an OS so I haven't tested it yet.

    I'm a bit disappointed with the quality though: in the middle of the top cover, there's an ugly empty block (concave) where, apparently, the company logo should have been.
    All that's there is some rough plastic.

    Take a look:,14379668
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