Bell Expressvu Satelite Internet

Anybody used this, familiar with this or have any comments on this as I may purchase this service in October.

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  1. Satelite service is ok. But does have a few drawbacks.

    First off is satelite service sucks for gaming. You will have a minimum ping of 500 or so at best. So you will always have game lag.

    Second If you have a high thunderstorm between you and the satelite you will lose service, the same as satelite tv.

    Third You are looking at about $500 dolars worth of equipment that you must purchase and arround $200 for the setup fee. You can not install or set it up yourself. FCC restrictions do not allow you to install or set it up yourself.

    Most companys will only tell you the pros but not the cons.

    I seriously considered satelite service but waited almost 2 years for DSL to become available in my area. I like to play online games and a ping above 500 will get you booted from a lot of games.

    I aint signing nothing!!!
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