Not enough ram to play 2.37 GB video...

IS there any workaround for my problem? Downloaded a "HD" video which its size is around 2.5 GB. I only have 2Gb DRR3 mem and its lagging terribly. Sometimes windows media player will get unresponsive and just freeze there. I don't have the money to be upgrading right now. I tried fixes like splitting the video in half so I would be able to play it but loading the video into splitters will still take all my RAM's memory. Any idea guys?
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  1. Try it in a differant program? Windows media player is famous for being a resource hog. is a bit uglier, but it's leaner and comes pre-installed with codecs to play pretty much every video. A favorite of geeks.

    Also - Ram shouldn't be THAT bad of a bottleneck. If you want to give yourself a slight boost turn off the shiny effects on vista/7, if you are running XP there is no way you don't have enough ram.
  2. Well it seems that the amount of RAM is the problem. I checked Task Manager and its memory is filled at 1.73GB... so I can see why the video freezes and terribly lag of doing other things. Other of my specs would be a 4670 and AMD 5000+. It play other HD videos fine but thats when the size is about 1.5Gb. VLC isn't exactly helping. I'm going to search for other converters out there
  3. Oh thank god. I found out about "wmv converter" its doing the job like the way I wanted it to do. Its converting the video without loading the actual video onto the ram..
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